Institute of Network Computing and Information System

The Institute of Network Computing and Information System (NC&IS) was established in September 2002. There are 20 faculty members, about 100 graduate students. Research results are continuously published in the top venues such as SIGMOD, SIGKDD, SIGIR, MobiCom, ATC, VLDB, ICML, TPDS, TOC, TKDE, etc. While designated as a research institute, NC&IS also emphasizes on education and pays great attention to student development. Besides offering more than 30 courses to all PKU students on campus, the faculty members are actively involved in many education activities, from new course development to curriculum design, from pedagogical reform to individual mentoring.

Main research areas include:

(1) Search engine and web mining

(2) Database and information systems

(3) Internet and mobile computing

(4) Distributed system and P2P computing

(5) High performance Computing

(6) Cloud computing and Big data

(7) Artificial intelligence