Q & A

1. Where can I find the course list? 

Students can select either English or Chinese courses, and the full English courses are as follow:

Computer Architecture
- Computer Network and Distributed System
Computer Software and Theory
- Smart Software and Engineering
- Compiled Language and Program Analysis
- Natural Language Processing
- Software Theory and Computational Complexity Theory
Computer Applied Technology

- Big Vision Data and Neuromorphic Computing 

Ref: https://admission.pku.edu.cn/zsxx/lxszs/lxszyml/2020/ss/zsml_ss_lxs_en_00048.pdf

2. What application materials should I prepare for? 

Please refer to your Graduate Application Cover and Packing List

3. Whom should I contact if I have question about scholarship, new student orientation, etc.? 

Please contact International Student Division Office at study@pku.edu.cn or check out their website www.isd.pku.edu.cn

4. Do I need to select a supervisor when submitting my online application? 

If you are applying for Ph.D, then you will need to select a supervisor. If you are applying for Master, it is still encouraged for you to select a supervisor.

5. Where can I find information about professors?

Please refer to the following links: 


6. What is the address for me to submit hardcopy application materials? 

Department of Computer Science and Techonology

Room 1122, 1st Science Building

TEL: (86-10)-6275 0278

E-mail: gradadmissions.cs@pku.edu.cn