Application Guide for Ph.D. Program in Computer Science at Peking University(International Students, Fall 2023)

Application Guide for Ph.D. Program in Computer Science at Peking University

(International Students, Fall 2023)


The School of Computer Science at Peking University, Beijing, China, seeks top international students to join the Ph.D. program and conduct innovative and impactful research in a world-class research environment, and to cultivate world-class talents in computer science. All students admitted to the Ph.D. program will receive full financial support, including tuition and monthly stipend.


General Information of the Program

1.       Majors

a)        Computer architecture

b)        Computer software and theory

c)         Computer applications

For more detailed information on research fields, please refer to the program catalog at:

2.       Full-time enrollment, courses are taught in Chinese or English

a)        For students with master degrees, the typical program length is 4 years;

b)        For students with bachelor degrees, but no master degrees, the typical program length is 5 years.

3. For more information about faculty members and their research directions, please refer to the School of Computer Science website:

4. All students will live and study at the Changping New Campus.


Application Deadline and Mailing Address

1.       Deadline:

a)        Chinese-taught program: October 10, 2022-December 9, 2022

b)        English-taught program: October 10, 2022-February 28, 2023.

Please make sure to mail out your application materials before the deadline.

2.       Mailing address:  Room 330, International Student Division, New Sun Student Center, Peking University

Please use EMS delivery service. The envelope must be marked ‘Application for Graduate Admission’.


Application Materials

1.       Peking University Application Form for International Students (master's degree and doctoral programs) with a photograph affixed. Please visit, fill in the application and submit it online, then download the form and print a hardcopy for reference.

2.       Graduation and degree certificates, which must be original documents or notarized copies either in Chinese or English.

(Note: Applicants expected to graduate in 2023 should provide an official letter from their current university stating their expected graduation date.)

3.       Official transcripts of the applicant’s most recent academic achievement, including courses taken and standards achieved. These must be original documents or notarized copies either in Chinese or English.

4.       A personal statement (including a research plan: 1500 words for the master's degree program, 3000 words for the doctoral program). (Please click the link to download the template:

5.       Two recommendation letters from professor(s) or associate professor(s) related to the applicant’s major (or equivalent professionals with relevant academic title). (Click the link to download the template:

Please note that the recommendation letters must be originals with the signature of the recommender, and in Chinese or English. The following are the ways of submitting recommendation letters (either of the two is accepted):

(1)    Hardcopies: sealed in independent envelopes with each recommender’s signature;

(2)    Softcopies: sent to and directly by each recommender.

6.       Original or photocopy of the applicant’s language (Chinese or English) test scores:

7.       Language Proficiency:

(1)    For Chinese-taught programs, original or photocopy of language test scores fulfilling the following standards are eligible for submission.


HSK   (Confucius Institute HSK)

Writing   section (composition)

Science Subjects

HSK 6, score of   above 200

Not lower than a   score of 65

(2)    Applicants whose native language is not English are required to provide valid English test certificates:

TOEFL iBT (100 points or above) or IELTS (6.5 points or above) or GRE (320 points or above) scores to prove their English language proficiency.

Applicants are exempt from the English Proficiency requirement if they have completed a bachelor's degree (or higher) in an English speaking country or at an institution where English is the main language of instruction.

(Candidates who graduated from non-Chinese university are required to obtain the Accreditation Report from the CSCSE

8.       Table of contents and abstracts of the applicant’s academic publications and any other original achievements in his/her field (if applicable).

9.       Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume

Except for the recommendation letters, 2 sets (one original and one photocopy) of the above-mentioned application materials must be submitted.

Note: Each applicant may apply for up to two programs; in the case of two applications, each application is independent and should be submitted separately in hardcopy with the required application materials.

The application materials will NOT be returned.


Selection Process

The eligibility of all the applicants will be evaluated by the Admission Committee, organized by the School of Computer Science. The committee will select qualified applicants and inform the candidates about the interview details before the end of March 2023. The interviews will be conducted online in April 2023, after which the decision will be made and sent to the students.


Tuition and Scholarship

The tuition fee of the Ph.D. program:

Chinese-taught program: RMB 40,000 Yuan per year, and RMB 160, 000 in total for four years (Direct-Ph.D. program: RMB 200, 000 Yuan in total for five years)

English-taught program: RMB 50,000 Yuan per year, and RMB 200,000 Yuan in total for four years (Direct-Ph.D. program: RMB 250,000 Yuan in total for five years).

Admitted students must apply for one of the scholarships:

(1) Chinese Government Scholarship (Type B): tuition waiver, for-free accommodation, monthly living expenses and medical insurance provided in accordance with the regulations.

(2) Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students: tuition subsidy.

(3) Peking University Scholarship for International Students: tuition waiver, monthly living expenses, medical insurance.

Note: The evaluation of scholarships will be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the government and the university. For more information, please pay close attention to notices posted at

Financial support from the School of Computer Science will be awarded as complement to the above scholarships, to guarantee that all students will receive full financial support. (A limited number of outstanding students will also be awarded special scholarships).


Contact Information

Ÿ   School of Computer Science, Peking University, Email:,Tel: (86-10) 62752437

Ÿ   International Students Division, Peking University, Tel: (86-10) 62751230

Ÿ   Office for Admission, Graduate School, Peking University, Tel: (86-10) 62751354


About Visa and other information please refer to “2023 Application Information for International Students (Master's Degree and Ph.D. Degree)”: