Dong, Hao


Dong, Hao

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Generative Models, Computer Vision

Office Phone: 86-10-6275 6561


Hao Dong is an assistant professor in CFCS-EECS at Peking University. He obtained a Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London under the supervision of Yike Guo in Fall 2019. His research involves deep learning and computer vision with the goal of reducing the data required for learning intelligent systems. He is passionate about popularizing artificial intelligence technologies and established TensorLayer, a deep learning and reinforcement learning library for scientists and engineers, which won the Best Open Source Software Award at ACM Multimedia 2017. Before Ph.D., he received a MSc specialist degree with distinction from Imperial, and a first-class BEng degree from the University of Central Lancashire. He founded a start-up for digital healthcare with Yike Guo between 2012 and 2014.