Chen, Wei


Chen, Wei

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Database, data mining

Office Phone: 86-10-6275 6382


Chen, Wei is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and technology, School of EECS. She obtained his B.Sc. from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2003, and Ph.D. from Peking University in 2009. Her research interests include database system architectures, big data management and mining.

Dr. Chen has published more than 20 research papers, and has 5 patents. She undertook and participated in more than ten research projects including NSFC, 863 project, etc. Her research achievements are summarized as follows:

1)  Active perception directed sentiment analysis and opinion mining methods. These methods are used in stance detection, sentiment polarity classification and topic extraction with web short texts.

2)  Active perception directed data extraction method. This method is used to extract structured data from web unstructured data.

3)  Unstructured data management based on large-scale distributed in-memory system.