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Division of Computer Science

During 2012-2016, the overall funding received by the faculty in Computer Science was around 0.54 billion RMB. Selected major projects undertaken by the Computer Science in EECS of PKU are listed below, which included 2 Creative Research Groups supported by NSFC and 2 projects from Enterprise. Figure 3-9 shows the breakdown of received funding according to funding agencies in 2012-2016 in the Computer Science, which indicates that about 1/3 grants of the Computer Science came from Natural Science Foundation of China, which support fundamental research; 1/3 from the Ministry of Science and Technology, which support research for national development, and 1/3 grants came from the Enterprise. Nearly every faculty member in Computer Science has received or is running at least one NSFC project, which further demonstrated the strong fundamental research capability of Computer Science. The average funding for a faculty member is around 800k RMB/year, which supports all research activities.

Funding Source


Project   Description

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Creative   Research Group

The theory and method of high fidelity   audiovisual system(2012-2014, 2015-2017)

Research on the Basic Theory, Method and Technology of Trusted Software (2012-2014, 2015-2017)

Ministary of   Science and Technology

Research on Video Coding Theory and Method Based on Visual Characteristics (2012-2014,   2015-2017)

Research on Cloud torage Service and Guarantee Mechanism (2011-2015)

Structural   Analysis and Machine Learning of Visual Media(2013-2015)

Study on the   Theory and Method of Whole Process Consistency of Product Design (2010-2014)


Software - defined cloud management key technologies (2015-2030)

The Collaborative Innovation Center for Intelligent Video Technology   (2013-2016)