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Resilient mmWave self-backhauling in cellular networks

报告题目(Title)Resilient mmWave self-backhauling in cellular networks.

时间(Date & Time)2023.8.1 ; 10-12am

地点(Location):理科二号楼2736报告厅Lecture Hall 2736, Science Building #2

主讲人(Speaker)Arash Asadi

邀请人(Host)Chenren Xu


Utilizing millimeter-wave frequencies (30-300 GHz) has become inevitable in mobile networks due to the spectrum scarcity at the sub-6 GHz bands, where the majority of today's wireless systems (e.g., WiFi, 5G) operate. However, maintaining reliability and adaptability at millimeter-wave frequencies remains a significant challenge due to propagation loss and susceptibility to blockages (e.g., buildings) at such high frequencies. In this talk, I will present our recent work focusing on the above-mentioned issues in self-backhauled millimeter-wave networks. Specifically, in this work, we combat adverse network conditions such as temporary and permanent blockages, and even base station failures leveraging reinforcement learning techniques.


Arash Asadi (Senior Member, IEEE) is a Research Group Leader at TU Darmstadt, where he leads the Wireless Communication and Sensing Lab (WISE). His research interests include wireless communication and sensing and its application in beyond-5G/6G networks. He was a recipient of several awards, including the Athena Young Investigator Award from TU Darmstadt and the Outstanding Ph.D. and Master’s Thesis Awards from UC3M. Some of his papers on D2D communication have appeared in IEEE Communications Society’s (COMSOC) best reading topics on D2D communication and IEEE Communications Society's (COMSOC) Tech Focus. He continuously contributes to the community through participation in TPCs and organizing committees such as IEEE INFOCOM, ACM MobiCom, and IEEE ICNP.