Summer/Winter Camp

During the two-week summer school, students will immerse themselves in cutting-edge research at the School of Computer Science, delve into the evolution of the IT industry in China, gain practical experience in programming, robotics, and more, engage with faculty members and current students, and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.

Target Applicants:

l Non-Chinese undergraduate students from a four-year university/college

Application Process:

l Apply through

      • Non-Degree Programs Application -> Short-term Program (ST) -> College Program (ST2) -> Adcanced Topics in Computer Science

l 1 Recommendation letter from an academic advisor/professor

l Transcript and certification of enrollment

l Personal statement (including research area of interest and description of Chinese language proficiency)

l A photocopy of your passport

Application deadline: April 14, 2024


l Tuition: 4000 RMB

l Students are responsible for living, visa, etc.

Schedule: July 1-July 12 (**courses are subject to change)



Course Overview


July 1



9-11   AM

Campus Tour + Lab Tour



July 2

Program Language Overview

Introducing the evolution, technologies,   future directions of programming languages, and the related professors at   Peking University.

9-12   AM

Algorithm Design and Complexity Theory

Covering traditional and quantum   algorithm design, bridging theoretical computer science with quantum   computing, and exploring its relations with machine learning and   optimization.

2-4   PM

July 3

Computer Vision

Presenting important models, algorithms,   and deep learning applications in computer vision, addressing challenges in   open environments, including data domain shifts and emerging categories.

9-12   AM

Operating Systems

Overviewing core concepts, principles,   recent developments, and including an operating system programming   assignment.

2-5   PM

July 4

Video Streaming with AI

Exploring key technologies enhancing   video streaming services, such as predicting video content popularity,   dynamic bandwidth characterization, object detection, to deliver better   services in the 5G era.

9-12   AM

Current Students Talk

Academic + Life

2-4   PM

"Dialogue with Experts" English lecture series

These   lectures are facilitating interactions between Chinese and international   students, fostering cultural exchange between East and West. July to August,   featuring distinguished professors from Peking University. Covering Chinese   history, culture, language, study techniques, and intercultural communication   in eight lectures. Participation optional for international students, with   certificates or academic credits available for attendance. Open to all PKU   community, with priority for international students and their Chinese language   partners.

7-8:30 PM

July 5

Computational Photography

Introducing fundamental concepts,   research trends, digital image formation, and the working principles of   digital cameras, including course practice exercises related to imaging   fundamentals.

9-12   AM

Visit Leading IT Company



July 6

Visit PKU Red Building


July 8

Artificial Intelligence Systems Practice

Covering techniques in problem modeling,   data acquisition, preprocessing, tuning, deployment, and maintenance,   showcasing real-world AI system examples to demonstrate the required   knowledge and tools for system construction.

9-12   AM

Embodied Intelligence

Introduces the fundamental concepts and   essential components of embodied intelligence or intelligent robots,   encompassing aspects like perception, decision-making, execution, and   discussing related technological trends and future developments.

2-5 PM

July 9

Software/Hardware Codesign & Optimization

Explores the principles of collaborative   design between hardware and software components, emphasizing the enhancement   of performance and efficiency. Students will engage in practical projects to   design systems.

9-12 AM

Tutorial on Modern Adaptive Computing

Introduces   modern adaptive computing chip architectures, compilation techniques,   programming interfaces, and illustrates typical use cases as a platform for   system prototyping and research.

2-4 PM

July 10

Accelerating Distributed Systems with In-Network Computing

Presents the primitives of network   computing, focusing on reducing network traffic and latency, improving system   efficiency through the design, management, and application of programming   models in network computing.

9-12 AM

Visit Leading IT Company



July 11

Open-source Data Analysis

Explores the complexities of open-source software development, quantitative analysis techniques to reveal patterns in   open-source systems, and establishes intelligent tools to control complex   system development through data mining.

9-12 AM

Ubiquitous Computing and Context Awareness

Outlines the vision, history, research principles of ubiquitous computing, emphasizing context-aware computing, including wireless sensing as a novel research field in context-aware   computing.

2-5 PM

"Dialogue with Experts" English lecture series

Same as above.

7-8:30 PM

July 12



9-12 AM

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