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Luo, Yingwei


Institute:Institute of Networking and Energy-efficient Computing(NEEC)

Research Interests:System software, high efficient computing

Phone:86-10-6276 7883

Luo, Yingwei is a professor in the School of Computer Science, and has served as the Vice Director of Institute of Network Computing and Information Systems since 2016. He obtained his BS from Zhejiang University in 1993, MS and PhD from Peking University in 1996 and 1999 respectively. His research interests include system virtualization, cloud computing, locality theory and memory system optimization.

Dr. LUO has published more than 100 research papers, and some of them are published in top-tier conferences and journals, such as Usenix ATC, ICS, IEEE TC and TPDS. He holds over ten Chinese patents. He is a distinguished member of CCF and a member of ACM, IEEE.

Dr. LUO has more than twenty research projects including NSFC, 973 programs, 863 project, etc. His research achievements are summarized as follows:

1) System virtualization: He proposed a new virtualization scheme – dynamic para-virtualization, which brings about new design space for virtualization technology. He also developed some new optimization methods to improve virtualization performance, especially for memory hierarchy.

2) Locality theory and its application: He focused on locality theory and optimizing techniques for hybrid heterogeneous and hierarchical memory systems He presented a kinetic model of LRU cache memory, based on the average eviction time (AET) of the cached data. He also proposed some new locality-aware solutions for cache and memory management to improve the performance of memory systems.